Thursday, April 29, 2021

Demos : Chia Sess - The Lost Tapes (1994 -1996)


RAH : "Back in late 1993, I was in a meeting with Stu Fine, MC Serch and Kool Keith at Wild Pitch Records in Manhattan. They were planning Keith's first solo album, and wanted me to do the production.

At the time, Serch was head of A&R at the label. Once he found out I was from the DMV area, he gave me the phone number of a femcee from VA named Chia. He said "Don't let her monotone fool you. She's dope". He wasn't lying. 

Unfortunately, Wild Pitch shut down in 1994, and Serch got real busy with Serchlite Music and that new kid Nasty Nas !

This is a collection of some of the demos we did during that period."

 Produced by RAH For RAH Produkshunz. All scratches by RAH and Omar Retnuh aka DJ Dirty Ice. Written by Crista Tompson and Benoit Tshiwala for Dirty Room Muzik (ASCAP)

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