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Ill Distracxion ‎- No M.C.'s / Calm With Datrom - 1995

12" - 1995 - Not On Label  

This is the debut single released in 1995 by the Queens-based duo Ill Distracxion, consisted of Peter Hayles a.k.a Pliz and Craig Bryant a.k.a World (World Da Universal One) a.k.a Worldarama, Kukoo Da Baga Bonez's brother. 
1996 is tagged on the label but according to a tchat I had with World, he told me that the 12" was pressed in 1995. They pressed it in Florida and when they got back to NYC they sent it out to Stretch & Bobbitto and a few other Djs through Mista Sinista. 

Both tracks of the wax "No M.C.'s" and "Calm With Datrom" are produced by Pliz. Pliz & World are old friends, they were from the same neighborhood East Elmhurst Queens, NY. Everything began for them around 1989-1990 when World gave DJ Mista Sinista his first set of turntables Gemini 1200s. World and Pliz would be at Sinista's house practicing rapping over him cutting up break beats. After that, from 1990 to 1994 World and Pliz would go to Manhattan and perform at all the underground showcases... World was actually one of the first rappers on Lyricists Lounge. 

World - Photo courtesy of World 

The original 12" is really hard to find but if you're looking for Ill Distracxion's material you can grab the "The Psychotic Nasty EP" released in 2012 by Dope Folks Records which is a 8-track EP with previously unreleased stuff. 

Mad props to World

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