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Big Oh! ‎- Throw Your Hands Up High / Big Oh Rox The World - 1997


12" - 1997 - Wildfire Records 

Former member of the legendary Boston group named Mikst Nutz with Ripshop, Kon and Johnny Hatch (RIP), Big Oh dropped his debut 12" in 1997 on Wildfire Records, an indie Hip-Hop label managed by Jimmy Guilford and Bruce. 

This 12" was pressed on White Label and Test Pressing only, and is definitely very hard to find nowadays. It consists of the track "Throw Your Hands Up High" produced by Buda Roc on the "Big" Side and "Big Oh Rox Da World" produced by Rich 5 on the "OH!" Side

Buda Roc and Rich 5 were 2 producers from the Boston indie hip-hop Scene. Buda Roc aka DJ Buda was from Roxbury Mission Hill area and Rich-5 was from Mattapan. From the mid to the late 90s, they produced a lot of stuff for Boston-based emcees such as M-Slash or Kavasci. 

Buda Roc : " I met Big Oh in a studio session where Kon and Johnny Hatch were recording, this was before we formed Mikst Nutz. Big Oh was Johnny and Kon's friend.

I was always interested in making music. I was a DJ for a group I started called the Herban Dwellers (aka Urban Dwellers) which consisted of M-Slash, Ripshop, Kavasci, Bold Dred (aka Bad Dred) & Rich 5."

Urban Dwellers - Photo courtesy of Ripshop

Buda Roc : "Rich 5 was the producer, an amazing producer... and I learned a lot from him about equipments and sampling techniques. I got an eps 16+, I was 16yrs old.

In a nutshell Kon, Johnny and this other kid named Pabulum were in a group together called Poetic Justice. I was really cool with Kon, I thought I was part of the group, they had a photo shoot coming up I thought I would be on the group pics but Kon said I wasn't part of the that's shit pissed me off so I stepped away and decided to find my own group. I knew this kat Madsoul and he put me on to Bold Dred who told me he had a producer called Rich 5, eventually we met.

We formed the Herban Dwellers around 1994 but we didn't release something officially...M-Slash, Ripshop and Kavasci dropped solo projects, that's just how it worked out. "

From left to right : Buda Roc - Krumbsnatcha & Rich 5

Buda Roc : "As a producer, my Hip-Hop influences at that time was Paul C... He doesn't get much credit in the hip-hop game but Paul C was amazing to me, and also Large Professor, Pete Rock, Dr Dre, DITC crew...

We recorded some of Big Oh album at D&D Studios. The engineer Chuck Nice who worked at Throw Down Studios (he is the engineer that mixed all of Mikst Nutz) got a job at D&D so he got us time there."

Big Oh! - Dj Mighty Mi & Mr Eon at D&D Studios - Photo courtesy of Buda Roc

If you're enough lucky to find a copy of this rare wax, grab it immediately... it's a good one which is definitely part of the New England hip-hip history ! Mad Props to Buda Roc. 

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