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Page The Hand Grenade - 2-22-2020 "A Day In The Bronx"



"A Day In The Bronx"

It is February of 2020 as I just bought a ticket for a show called "Checklist The Play" which was written and directed by Wali "World" Burgos. 

I was not sure that I was going to be able to attend as I had mixed feelings about taking the trip.  I have not travelled to "The Bronx" since February of 2019 when my mother was still alive.  As I currently live in North Carolina, this would be the first trip up there without seeing her.  I created an itinerary to keep me busy for one day in the Bronx.  On 2-21-2020, at 3 PM EST, I left my job and boarded the Greyhound bus for an overnight trip that made stops in many cities along the way.  A week prior to my departure, I booked studio time at D.I.T.C. Studios in the Bronx.  "Checklist The Play" started at 7 PM and my studio session was from 2 PM to 6 PM.  I booked a hotel room at the Days Inn on Third Avenue alongside Bruckner Boulevard.  As soon as my bus arrived the next morning, I jumped on the subway and headed to the Bronx.  I had no idea what I was going to record when I booked the session.  I just wanted to record in the "Big L" booth with his picture on the wall for inspiration.  I was in a dark place mentally with my mother recently passing away along with me living in a homeless shelter for veterans.  While travelling overnight, I wrote two sixteen bar verses to an instrumental Buckwild track titled "I dream of wealth."  I checked into my hotel room, showered, changed and took an Uber straight to the studio.  

I was greeted by Jahlil as he helped me get the words out clearly using his accurate punching in skills while I recited my rhymes by reading from my rhymebook.  After the session, I headed back to my hotel room for a quick break before I called another Uber to take me to Lehman College for the play.  Wali "World" Burgos along with his brother and sister Khalid and Asia, produced a great show.  The whole cast was amazing and talented as DJ Famous and Frank Vocals provided good musical vibes.  After the play was over, I rode the number two bus from Bedford Park Boulevard, all the way down to 138th Street and 3rd Avenue back to my hotel room.  I ordered McDonalds from Uber Eats and went to sleep.  I checked out of my hotel room the next morning and walked to Giovanni's on 149th Street and Grand Concourse for breakfast.  I then proceeded to the bus terminal to head back to North Carolina.  My bus arrived back to North Carolina at 6:30 AM on 2-24-2020 as I called an Uber and went straight to work.  From 2-21-2020 to 2-24-2020, I spent "A Day In The Bronx" on 2-22-2020.

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Stanley Grimes Jr.


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