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Base All Mighty! ‎- Ain't No Party - 1994


12" - 1994 - Aim Records 

Base All Mighty! dropped this 12" in 1994 on AIM Records. The wax consists of the single "Ain't No Party" available in its Black Drum Remix, Black Drum Off The Head Extra Open Remix, Original Flava, Original Flava Off The Head Extra Open, Black Drum Instrumental and Original Flava Instrumental versions, all produced by Sky Bermudas from Hollywood, Los Angeles CA for Black Drum Productions.

Grandiloquent : "The group members were myself, my brother Tarikh aka InASense and my ace Wendell Blackburn aka Badock, who I went to school with and hung out with all the time. We're all from Pasadena/Altadena, CA"

Base All Mighty! - 1993 - Photo courtesy of Grandiloquent

Grandiloquent : "When we got signed in 90-91, I had already been rapping as a soloist and then as part of a group called Q-2-Speak for years. I met the Brothas that ran AIM records at an event, we started talking and when they came to my house and offered me a contract for a deal, I literally asked my Brother and Wendell (who was chillin at the house with us) to form a group with me on the spot. I had never heard either of them rhyme before but I wanted my Brother to be down with me and Wendell's energy was so off the chain he had to be in a group with us... Lol, I had planned on writing all their rhymes but they both surprised me and had crazy skillz!"

Grandiloquent - Photo courtesy of Grandiloquent

Grandiloquent : "I met Sky Bermudas in 86, when I was 13...Sky is from Hollywood by way of New York. He produced my first demo. We met through a mutual friend. We were instantly cool. When time came to produce a single I absolutely had to have the Black Drummer on it!!! He blessed us on the tracks...We sat in his studio for days, sometimes 24hours straight coming up with that. He did everything from scratch, no samples...

We recorded a whole album worth of material but things with the label went bad right as we started blowing up. We were getting crazy radio play and had our single on the shelves in every major record store, but when we started having issues with the label cause they wanted more cuts like "Ain't No Party", but that was our only joint like that...Everything else had a dope underground Native Tongue meets NWA kinda vibe and they weren't with it...So they terminated our contract... If I knew then what I know now we would've played the game better..."

So an album exists but the label kept all the masters... but after they were dropped from the label Grandiloquent formed a new group called Griots and re-recorded a lot of it. He only has a handful of those joints in his crate... coming soon on the blog, stay tuned ! 

Mad Props to Grandiloquent

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