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Centa Of Da Web ‎- Beyond Human Comprehension - 1996

EP - 1996 - Centrifugal Phorce  

Here is the debut album released by Centa Of Da Web in 1996. Centa of Da Web was a crew consisted of Da Cryptic One, Molecule and Whichcraft, who were all affiliated with Atoms Family. 
"Beyond Human Comprehension" came out originally on Tape and on Green vinyl on Centrifugal Phorce, a record label managed by Cryptic One who also produced the 11 tracks of the album.

- Cryptic One, could you tell us how the connection happened between you, Molecule and Whichcraft ?

Cryptic One : "Back in the day some radio stations at the end of their program would allow rappers to call in and rap live on the air.  I had just become a solo artist when my last crew stopped making music and was desperate for outlets to I used to call in on any radio station that did this.  Lots of rappers would try to call in so it wasnt always guaranteed that you would get through.  On top of that a lot of the people that called in werent very good, and the radio show hosts would be very quick to clown on people that they werent feeling, so there was a bit of pressure to do well.  Well one night I got through to the M Train radio hotlines and I rapped on the air.  Luckily the host really liked the verse I kicked and we talked a bit off air after I finished rhyming.  We clicked and formed a friendship, I am still friends with him to this day.  The show was weekly, but I missed the following week because I had other plans a day after the following show the hose of the show, Drew Spence called me and asked if I listened to the show.  I told him I didnt, and he told me that these two dope MCs called in and shouted me out and he played it for me.  That was my first time hearing Molecule & Whichcraft.  At the end of their verse they said “Man big shout out to Da Cryptic One out in Long Island… he is the only one really killing it on here”.  So we all got an invite to come down to the show, and me molecule and whichcraft met up before hand and decided to form a group.  It was through them that I heard about and became a member of Atoms Family."

Atoms Family - from left to right : Cryptic One / Alaska / Vast Aire / Vordul Mega / Windnbreeze/ Jestoneart / Grey Type - Photo courtesy of Cryptic One

- Where did you all come from exactly ?

Cryptic One : " I was from Westbury, Long Island. Molecule & Whichcraft were from Far Rockaway, Queens. "

- How did you come up with the name of Centa Of Da Web ?

Cryptic One : " We were brainstorming names and coming up with nothing that we all could agree on.  Then we decided to get in the car and go to Blockbuster Video and just go through movie titles for inspiration.  We narrowed it down to Sleepwakers & Center of the Web.  None of us had even seen the movie, or knew what it was about, but we just started thinking of all the ways we could use it as a metaphor and we were convinced.  We changed the spelling and that was it, the group was formed. "

- What was your music influences for the productions of the EP ?

Cryptic One : " Influences were varied.  Hip-Hop wise I was heavily influenced by Beatminerz, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Primo, Diamond D, etc...  But a lot of my influence outside of hip-hop came from science fiction soundtracks.  There was something about the sounds that they would use that always intrigued me.  So that was where a lot of the feel of the record came from."

- How and when did you decide to create your own record label Centrifugal Phorce ? 

Cryptic One : " I was in a group named Elite Bomb Squad before I met the Centa guys and we went the typical path of trying to get signed.  We had one meeting with a very known hip hop icon that I wont mention, and the meeting went terribly.  That meeting caused us such a disdain for the music business that the group broke up because of it and only 2 of us kept rhyming after that (me and Jestoneart).  Once I started making music again I started researching how to release records independently.  I actually ordered a book from the classified section of the Source magazine.  The book was titled something like "How To Release a Record Independently".  I sent in my check and wait 6-8 weeks before the book arrived.  I learned a lot from that book and proceeded to release the Centa record. "

Elite Bomb Squad - from left to right : Jestoneart / DJ Screw / Tell God / Saftwo & Cryptic One

Photos courtesy of Cryptic One 

- I know that you and Jest One formed the group Druid Cypha in the mid 90s and were both in the group EBS in the early 90s, but I don't have any info about the other artists featuring on the EP. could you give me more info about Outa Limits ? 

Cryptic One : " Outa Limits was Void and Konfuscious both members of Atoms Family.  Konfu was also from Westbury (where me and jest were from) and he went to high school with Jest, so he used to come through to the studio at times.  Void lived in Far Rockaway with Molecule & Whichcraft so he also would come through to the studio.  One day Konfu and Void came to my studio at the same time and they clicked and formed the group.  They had a few songs written but never really finished much music. "

Outa Limits - Void & Konfucious - Photo courtesy of Cryptic One

- Why is there no more material released by Centa Of Da Web after "Beyond Human Comprehension" in 1996 ? 

Cryptic One : " Thats a tough one to answer... I'm not fully sure.  I definitely wanted to focus on Atoms Family at the time.  I wanted the next record to showcase everyones skills (which became Persecution of Hip Hop).  Molecule wanted to do more street raps for the next project and that wasn't something I wanted to do.  There was never any bad blood, we just didn't want the same things musically going forward. "

This indie abstract hip-hop album is definitely a classic and maybe one of the best album released by the Atoms Fam. A few copies are still available for sale online on Discogs... grab it asap if you don't have it in your collection yet ! 

Mad Props to Cryptic One 

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