Monday, June 15, 2020

The House List · Ep. #142 : DJ Nikoless - Production Credits: Showbiz (DJ Mix)

Peter Agoston and his House List Podcast are back with this very special mix done by Kevin Beacham a.k.a DJ Nikoless, recorded in '98/99 but never previously released. 
This is The House List - Episode #142. 

"Although I'd been dabbling in DJing since '85, being that I was busy with MCing, Breakin'/Poppin', and Production (and I didn't own proper turntables), I didn't start focusing on DJing until '97/'98 when I started recording mixtapes with borrowed turntables and mixer, recording into my Tascam 688 8-Track. 

I exclusively focused on concept mixes, and one idea was to honor my favorite Hip Hop producers, and I started with Showbiz! I never officially released this mix, but I did give out and sell a few handfuls of dubs of it. But, I wanted these Production Credits series of mixes to be official, and being I never got the drops and other pieces from Showbiz, I didn't properly release it. That also led to me not finishing the other planned volumes; Prince Paul, Large Professor, and DJ Mark The 45 King, although the last one I did record 10 years later and that is on my Mixcloud page!

A couple months ago Peter Agoston hit me up asking if I had a new or unreleased mix I could share on his House List Podcast (Good looking out!). I wanted to record a new mix, but some of the stuff I need for that are still in storage, so I dug this one up.

This was recorded in '99, in fact, in the middle of recording it, Big L passed away, which was terrible news to receive. 

The mix features Jermaine Pratt doing a juggle of the Artifacts and Juan Presyce Cervantes doing all the scratches which are featured on the intro and then some more over the "Buckshot Lefonque" beat. " - courtesy of Kevin Beacham 

1) Introduction (Medicine Inst & You Know Now Inst) w/DJ Precyse on the cut!
2) Check It Out - Show & A.G.
3) Q & A - Show & A.G. w/ Ghetto Dwellas
4) Get Dirty - Ghetto Dwellas
5) Who's It On - The Legion w/Show & A.G.
6) N S E W Remix - Black Sheep (w/I'm No The One Instrumental Blend)
7) Wishful Thinking - Big Pun w/Kool G Rap, Fat Joe, & B Real
8) The Ultimate Remix - The Artifacts (w/DJ Pratt Beat Juggle)
9) Mind I C Mine - Scramanga
10) Time For.... (Demo Version) - Show & A.G.
11) Confrontations - Organized Konfusion (w/You Want It inst)
12) The Crow - O.C. (w/The Session Inst & Represent The Real Hip Hop Inst)
13) Breakfeast At Denny's Remix - Buckshot Lefonque (Bonus Cuts By DJ Precyse)
14) Blowe! - KRS One
15) All Out - Show & A.G.
16) Yes You May Remix - Lord Finesse w/Big L [Remixed By T Ray] (R.I.P BIg L)
17) It's Up To You - Show & A.G. w/Lord Finesse
18) A Lil Sumpin - Lord Finesse
19) Soul Clap - Show & A.G. [Co Produced By Diamond D]
20) It's My Turn [DJ Nikoless Beat Blend Remix] - Uptown (w/Bring It On Rmx Inst)
21) Never Less Than Ill-Show & A.G.
22) A Friend - KRS One
23) Parental Discretion - Big Pun w/Busta Rhymes
24) Stone To The Bone - Big Jaz
25) Freestyle - Funkmaster Flex Presents Jay Z (Stages & Lights Inst)
26) I Don't Understand It - Big L
27) Represent - Show & A.G. w/Lord Finesse, Ice Water Deshawn, & Big L
28) Hands In The AIr - Lord Finesse
29) Fine Tune Da Mic - Maestro Fresh Wes w/Showbiz
30) Stand Strong - Show & A.G. (w/Dignified Soldiers Inst)
31) More Than One Way Out Of The Ghetto - Show & A.G.
32) Drop It Heavy - Show & A.G. w/Big Pun & KRS One
33) Neighborhood Sickness - Show & A.G. w/Pary Arti
34) Themes, Dreams, & Schemes - D.I.T.C
35) Feel The Vibe - Diamond D w/Showbiz
36) Mic Mechanism - Maestro Fresh Wes
37) Set It Off - Lord Finesse
38) Return Of The Funkyman - Lord Finesse
39) Giant In The Mental - Show & A.G.
40) Party Groove Inst (w/Showbiz Verses: Hold Ya Head, Fat Pockets, & Silence The Lambs) - Showbiz
41) Devils Son - Big L
42) Fire Water - Fat Joe w/Raekwon, Big Pun & Armageddon

Mad Props to Peter Agoston & Kevin Beacham 

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