Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Perservere ‎- 4Ever - 1995

Here is the wax of the day... a 12" released in 1995 on Attic Noize Entertainment by a Brooklyn-based emcee named D. Slade a.k.a Perservere. This MC has been a real mystery for a long time due to the lack of info about him online... a real ghost !! Hopefully a member of his family gave me his number, I hope it will be possible to interview him and ask him a few questions about his story... maybe later !!

This wax is the first and only 12" released by Perservere. On the A-side, "4Ever" produced by a guy named Shaw-Metal is the main single of the wax, available in its Clean, Street and Instrumental versions. On the flip side "Anger" available in its Clean and Instrumental versions and produced by Tic a.k.a Nes Tic Morales, famous producer from the Bronx and member of Da Henchmen. 

1 comment:

  1. I love this 12-inches. Such a dope record.
    I am really impressed by your work. Digging and reaching out to these indie rappers.
    I remember when blogging became popular in 2004-2005. You couldn't find much information about mid-90's indie rappers.