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Ikechie a.k.a. The Chill One ‎- Echoes In The Hall - 1994

12" - 1994 - Lord-G Records 

Here is the wax released by Ikechie a.k.a. The Chill One from Southwest Philadelphia on Lord-G Records in 1994.
This 12" consists of the single "Echoes In The Hall" available in its vocal mix and instrumental versions, and produced by Duane Gray. The sample used for the instrumental comes from the song "We've Only Just Begun" performed by O'Donel Levy, which was also used by Pete Rock & CL Smooth for the track " Mecca & The Soul Brother" in 1991. 

For the story The Chill One fall into hip-hop around 1979-80, his dad used to own a club and when hip-hop appeared he was buying the records, but everything started for him through breakdancing and graffiti.

Who did manage Lord-G Records ?

The Chill One : "Lord G was a fellow rapper turned record label owner. We both rapped but I guess was poppin at the time with all the other rappers at the time."

Could you give me more info about the producer Duane Gray ?

The Chill One : "Duane Gray aka DJ Wiz is a record afficionado. He was great at blending and making beats. Lord G and Wiz used to rap and Dj together, that's how the connection happened with me ... we were all from the same hood."

Chilly G aka The Chill One & Diamond - Photo courtesy of Amier Boyce

Where does the moniker "the Chill One" come from ? 

The Chill One : "When I first started off breakdancing and rapping my name was Chilly G, but when I started rapping for DJ Cash Money he convinced me to change my name. DJ Cash Money actually gave me that name."

Why is there no album released after the 12" in 1994 ?

The Chill One : "We worked on it and had several songs but it was all from the pocket. The money for studio and pressing plus marketing just wasn't there..."

Chilly G aka The Chill One / DJ Cash Money & Big Tizzo - Photo courtesy of Amier Boyce

The Chill One : "I have an extensive hip-hop story... before and after Echoes in the hall... But we'll get into that later !"

Although "Echoes In The Hall" is the only song on this 12", the wax is really appreciated by the Hip-Hop record collectors ... It's also very rare to see a copy for sale so don't hesitate to buy it if there is one online. 

Mad Props to Ikechie a.k.a. The Chill One, thanks for your time. Big Thanks to Amier Boyce for the throwback photos. 

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