Thursday, June 11, 2020

Redlife - Unreleased Album Sampler

12" - 1997 - B.E Records  

Everyone remembers this classic joint "Who's Talking the Weight" produced by K-Note and released on 12" in 1997 by Redlife, a duo consisted of Action & Remy Rezzin' from Rexdale (Toronto, Canada). They were signed by B.E Records (Black Employed Record) managed by Mr Attic and Swiff of The Grassroots.

Kevin Beacham recently uploaded a Redlife's single on his youtube channel titled "4scope" featuring Ghetto Concept, released on tape in 1995 and which was unknown until this day. Both tracks "Who's Talking the Weight" & "4scope" were supposed to be in their planned album, but unfortunately It has never seen the light of day... 

Today is a good day... here are specially for you some exclusive snippets from the unreleased album !!!! Sorry but for some reasons I keep the name of the original tape's owner for now, mad props to him ... Enjoy Fellas 

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