Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Lighter Shade ‎- Shaolin Angel EP - 1999

12" - 1999 - Rainbow Coalition Records / Times Runnin' Out Ent. 

The "Shaolin Angel" EP released by Lighter Shade in 1999 is a very rare record which has been sold on ebay recently... I hadn't seen that one for sale for a long time...
Lighter Shade was from Staten Island and was affiliated with the Othorized F.A.M crew. The EP consists of 4 tracks, "Shaolin Angel" produced by Beat Fiendz and featuring Lounger Lo (of Othorized Fam) and Angel Sent, "Yellow Brick Roadz" produced by 1.4.0 Productions and featuring Crunchlow (aka Crunch Lo of Othorized Fam), "Time Capsule" produced by Just One and "One Day They'll Say" produced by Cisco who also features on the track. 

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