Monday, June 8, 2020

Edutainment : All Natural Inc

Edutainment is a hip-hop radio show aired on the French Radio HDR (99.1 FM) every saturday evening (8PM-9PM) and hosted by Slurg & Bachir. I used to buy their mixtapes when I was younger !!! Here is their last show dedicated to All Natural Inc.  

Capital D - Transformations
All Natural - Renaissance 
Rita J & Mr Greenweedz - Virgo 
Iomos Marad & Mr Greenweedz - I AM
All Natural - Thinkin' Cap
Mr Greenweedz - Driven
All Natural - Cashin' The Checks
Ramsey Lewis - Julia
All Natural - 50 Years
Daily Planet - Whatever
All Natural - God Speed
All Natural - Writer's Block
All Natural - Stony Island
J Rawls Capital D & Mr Greenweedz - Cold Turkey
J Live - Simmer Down
Ahmad Jamal Trio - You're My Everything
All Natural - It's Ok
The Primeridian - Tatuduhendi
The Pacifics & Iriscience - Talk Is Cheap
No Id - Fate Or Destiny

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