Friday, July 5, 2019

Fat Beats 25th Anniversary Show

If you're in NYC on Sunday July 14, 2019, you need to go the Sony Hall NYC to celebrate the Fat Beats 25th Anniversary. A once in a lifetime event hosted by Lord Sear and DJ Eclipse !

"Fat Beats began as a small basement shop located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. We quickly became an integral hub for artists, both aspiring and established, to convene and collaborate. Our retail stores spread from New York to Los Angeles, Atlanta, Amsterdam, and Tokyo and alongside retail expansion we developed into a wholesale distribution company & record label.
Despite market fluctuations, technological innovations and stylistic revolutions, Fat Beats; as a distributor, record label, online storefront, and retail store, continues to thrive. We remain steadfast in our commitment to the timeless vinyl format and the loyal community who keeps it spinning.

Joseph Abajian (DJ Jab) founded Fat Beats in 1994 with nothing more than a shoestring budget and an earnest obsession with the music, the culture, and the brotherhood of New York’s burgeoning rap scene. What began as a simple vinyl shop in Manhattan’s Lower East Side quickly became an integral hub for artists, both aspiring and established, to convene and collaborate on new projects. Joseph’s timing couldn’t have been more impeccable. When the 90’s cultural zeitgeist – and, in turn, the music industry establishment – chose hip-hop as its new arbiter of cool.
International tourists and touring artists alike flocked to Fat Beats for rare vinyl, kindred spirits, and exclusive in-store performances from Jay Z, Eminem, Gang Starr, Outkast, Slum Village, Mos Def, and more. One thing was clear: the Fat Beats phenomenon could no longer be contained in a single basement shop.

In the late nineties, Abajian proceeded to open new stores in Amsterdam, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. He further expanded the company’s profile to include global distribution and record label branches. Distribution has since proven to be the company’s strongest and most enduring enterprise. Today Fat Beats Distribution stands poised as one of the country’s pre-eminent distributors of vinyl & specialty item records: a proud survivor in an industry now famous for its mortality rate. Despite market fluctuations, technology innovations, and stylistic revolutions, Fat Beats has remained steadfast in its commitment to the timeless vinyl format and to the loyal community who keeps it spinning."

Tickets are on sale Here  

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  1. i got the "deep in da circle - i" of dj jab(big writing on the labelcover)
    i always wondered who is he ;)now i know