Friday, July 12, 2019

Low Lives ‎- Ill Rhymes / The Face/Off- 1997

Low Lives was a Rap duo consisted of Mike Glenn and Lord Devine, hailing from the Bronx. In 1997 they released their debut 12" single on Marcion Records, fully produced by Phil Rust. 

12" - 1997 - Marcion Records  

"Throwing Bronx-style rhymes straight from the street, native New York duo Low Lives debut their lyrical skills with the release of "Ill Rhymes" and "The Face/Off". Comprised of 18-year-old Mike Glenn and 17-year-old cohort Lord Devine, the pair first met while in art school, linking themselves through friendship, mutual talents as graffiti and graphic artists, and their ability to turn out hip-hop that's true to their own real experiences.

Growing up against the cyclical tide of poverty and crime inherent in their environment, Low Lives' hip-hop style is not a conscious thing. Rather, the twosome's lyrical crafting arises as a natural extension of their inner-city roots, emerging from what they live, know and see in their everyday world. In-between the two tracks, "Ill Rhymes" and "The Face/Off", a unique interlude tells the story of a failed attempt to be initiated into the ranks of a vampire - a compelling departure from the typical ghetto theme.

Low Lives is one of the first signings to New York-based Marcion Records. With producer Phil rust at the helm, this burgeoning independent label is dedicated to exposing new local hip-hop talent. " - Marcion Records Press Sheet

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