Monday, July 1, 2019

Jazzscapez - Clarity 10" - 2019

10" - 2019 - MASSacre Music Group 

I remember when Alkuttraz and his dope Crates Of AG Blog was about to post something about Jazzscapez in 2011, a talented MC and beatmaker from Fitchburg, Massachusetts who suddenly passed away... he was shot in an altercation with police in his home. 

His unreleased tracks are now available on a 10-inch vinyl with the help of MASSacre Music Group : 

"Clarity is a collection of the late great Jazzscapez' greatest hits. This Hip Hop album was compiled specifically for pressing the classics on a Limited Edition 10inch lathe pressed CLEAR record with custom hand made artwork.  This album was made for family and friends in memory of Jazzscapez. Rest in Power " - MASSacre Music Group 

 Only 25 were pressed and only 20 are available to the public...
Don't sleep !!! 


RIP Eric "Jazzscapez" Stafford

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