Sunday, July 7, 2019

Unreleased joint : Reform School Click - No Mistakes Allowed - 1995

A few days back, I was going to work and was listening to this track titled "No Mistakes Allowed" when I realized that it was still unreleased on vinyl...
"No Mistakes Allowed" is an unreleased Dysfunkshunal fam joint recorded by Migraine & Rebel Rhyme a.k.a Reform School Click. According to Crazy DJ Bazarro, they never really existed, that was Migraine and Rebel Rhyme trying to lock down a name for their group. The track was on the B-side of DJ Bazarro's mixtape Volume 28 released on Armageddon Entertainment in 1995. He did a couple of joints with them, scattered all over Chopped Herring releases. 

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