Thursday, March 23, 2017


Photo courtesy of Rick Mcginnis

"Christopher “Thrust” France (born July 8, 1976) maybe best remembered for his verse on the Rascalz classic, DJ Kemo produced “Northern Touch“, featuring Canadian notables Choclair and Kardinal Offishall. But his legacy stretches much further than a dope 12” or a couple of popular music videos. Living in Toronto – Thrust’s home and arguably the center of mainstream “urban” culture in Canada – it’s clear that the man’s incredibly popular. Little known fact: Thrust appeared in a 1990 Kids in the Hall skit (he was 15 at the time) and for the past few years, he has served as a music instructor, teaching hip hop production (as well as the occasional history lesson) at Harris College. He is probably the youngest Canadian hip hop artist to date and gained much of his hip hop identity from the source – summers in New York City circa late ‘80s-early-‘90s. With the exception of some pioneers: Michie Mee, Maestro, Dream Warriors and a handful of others, few in Canada were making rap music or breaking into the U.S. market, getting radio play or making a living on it. In the days before broadband and before everybody and their best-friend’s homie rapped or made beats, hip hop in Canada only played on a few select radio stations across the country. This is the environment where Thrust came up in, which makes him a significant figure – even if you can’t name one of his albums. I caught up with a slimmer, rejuvenated Thrust at “Slept-On Studios” on Toronto’s East side."

EP  - 1996 - Knowledge of Self 

12" - 1996 - Blueprint Records Inc. 

12"  - 1998 - Blueprint Records Inc. 


  1. I get the 3 first maxis on MP3,I would like to see a CD version to compil all his dope tracks!

  2. i have him to put it all out... i also have choclair for putting out My Demo on wax... thrust i hit up before dan but the unreleased wasnt enough to make a ep outta it but i can get all the singles and that on a LP or Ep was really hoping on some ill unreleased Scam work... but yeah i got both him and choclair in my pocket just need a label up to release it for me...