Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Broadway / Unknown Artist - Red Alert Promo - 1995

Today, my man Umberto is back with an unknown record released in 1995 on Dick Charles Recording :

"Hey Fellas, Sup? hope ya feelin' good today !! it's time for a midweek Hip Hop Heater ! Wot you see here is an unreleased Acetate from 1995 with 2 Artists! Side A is a Dj Red Alert Special called "Red Alert Promo" by "Dione Barnes" better known as "Broadway". This Tune's definitely unreleased, most definitely recorded exclusively for "Kool Dj Red Alert". 
Unfortunately there's no Label on Side B, first I thought it's a single sided Acetate, but in fact there's another mega dope Tune. Very smooth & Jazzy Hip Hop with an amazing female MC and a bad ass Dj. The Lady sounds very familiar but I am not able to ID that Song. When it comes to stuff newer than 1994 I am not the best, so maybe some of my younger Hip Hop Heads can help me out. Would love to know who this is, as it's dope as hell !!! 
So I can only talk about the A-Side Artist "Broadway", he appeared on the Scene in the early 90s. He was member of the Group "Strickly Roots". Between 1992 and 1994 they released 3 dope 12" Singles ("Duck Da Boyz / Get 'N Open ‎1992", "Beg No Friends 1993", "Strickly Roots Flava 1994") and one dope Album in 1993 "Strickly Friends (Begs No Friends)". In 1996 "Broadway" released his first Solo Single, "Must stay paid / Enjoy yourself" which came out on "Wreck Records". One year later in 1997 he had a dope Bonus Song on "Buckshot's" "No Joke" Single called "Freestyle". Still in 1997 he released his last Record "Will to survive", last year I posted the Acetate of this one. 
I took my time and recorded sound samples of both songs on this Acetate, in my first comment you find the youtube clip of "Red Alert Promo" by "Broadway" and in my second comment you find the youtube clip of the B-Side Song, hope that anyone can tell me who this is as I really dig this tune !!!! So check em' both out, Mid90s Hip Hop Freshness! I wish you all a great day .... Peace Umberto Massimiliano Lampasona 

Please if you know the name of the unknown Female Mc,  let us know asap !!!! 

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