Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Album Review : Papa Chuk - The Badlands - 1994

From Hip Hop Connection - August 1994 

LP - 1994 - Pendulum Records 

A1. The Reincarnation
A2. Make Way For The Rudeboy
A3. Amidst The Badlands
A4. Desolate One
A5a Some Ill Shit
A5b Flip The Shit
A6. Down 'N Dirty
A7. Desert Dog
B1. Trunk Of Funk
B2a Jailbait
B2b Show Some ID
B3. Lord Have Mercy
B4. Nigguz Will Be Nigguz
B5a The Draft
B6a Cesspool
B6b Runaway

From The Source - May 1994 - Scan by Frederic Thecle 

From Billboard - March 1994

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