Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Trauma Center

For those who don't know Trauma Center yet , this is an Indie Hip-Hop crew from Philly originally composed of Shephatiah Harvey a.k.a Dj Rocksteady, Karim, Wes Cravin, LOI Da Boss Kannon a.k.a Rough Tounge, Madd Rhyma, Nyqui (RIP), Bashi , Crush B and more... 

"Shephatiah built the Trauma Center Studio to record with members of his earlier hip hop group, the Bad News Crew, and new members who were later signed to the group that now forms The Trauma Center."

Photo courtesy of Shephatiah Harvey

"Today The Trauma center is an internationally known independent label, as the group has developed an impressive following overseas in countries like Switzerland, France, Germany, and The Netherlands with their older release from 1994 Rhymes Overflowin, to their 2001 release, Hardcore Underground Gritty, to the last Recorded album entitled “Game of Death” Released in 2009."

Their first release "Thick Klick"/ "Emergency" 12″ single, came out in 1995 via Trauma Center Productions. This rare wax will be reissued in 2014 by D.J. Rocksteady himself.

12" - 1995 - Trauma Center Productions  

Dj Rocksteady has recently put online some old and rare stuff taken from the original masters. The most interesting albums to me in all the discography are "Rhyme Overflowin" from 1994 which has been reissued on vinyl by Dope Folks Records in 2013, and "Emergency" from 1996. 

CDr - 1994 - Trauma Center Productions   

CDr - 1996 - Trauma Center Productions 

The full Trauma Center's Discography is now available online (CDr and Digital downloads) via their official Website:

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