Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Apes Of Graf - The Lost Sessions [Unfinished Material]

" 'The Lost Sessions' is a 16 minute mix of some tracks found and I (Apes Of Graf) were slowly working on in late 2013. All the sessions we had were lost the next year and I wasn't feeling the sound or direction we were going in with the new project so we decided to scrap it, here is what we could scrounge up for the listeners to atleast enjoy through a free download. All Beats, Instrumentation, and lyrics by Veks & Found. Keep in mind these songs are ruff mixes of unfinished songs we will never get to complete." Veks 

0:00-2:34 - A Planet Where (Instrumental)
2:34-5:15 - First Class
5:15-8:27 - To Be Continued 
8:27-10:00 - Apes With Instruments (Instrumental) 
10:00-12:53 - Untitled 
12:53-15:42 - Hourglass

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