Friday, December 2, 2016

Silky Black - Got your Back / Step Up & Get Some - 1994

10" - 1994 

This wax comes from my man Umberto who always shares rare and unreleased stuff.  I've never heard about this record until he posted it sooner. thanks a lot Bro !  I 'll let you read his review :

"Hey fellas, what's up ? It's Friday, and that's amazing, the Weekend is reached. Again a very hard week ....but now ready for the Week-end! I noticed that it's been a good while since I have posted fresh unreleased sounds, so as we are in the Xmas Month I thought that it's time for an unreleased mid90s Hip Hop Banger! Wot you see here a totally unreleased single sided 10" Acetate by "Silky Black", on the Label it says "Still Diggin" ! I am not sure if it was planned to be released on "Still Diggin' Records" or if it was the "Group Name".
In any case it says "Silky Black 1994" on the blank backside of the Acetate, written with a yellow/green marker! 

Produced by "Rodney LeMay" aka "Showbiz", great Producer & Member of the Groups "D.I.T.C (Diggin' in the Crates)", "Showbiz & A.G." and "Born Lords". A different Version of "Step up and get some" came out in 2008 on the "Unreleased Production 1994 EP2", an unofficial EP with unreleased songs by "Lord Finesse", "Fat Joe & Armageddon", "The Ghetto Dwellas", "Deshawn" & the above mentioned song "Step up and get some". It came out on "D.I.T.C Records", but a Japanese Pressing. By the way, the version on this Acetate is much better, rawer & definitely doper! The other song on this Acetate, "Got your Back" came out on the "Show & A.G." Album "Goodfellas" which came out one year later in 1995. When I hear stuff like this I ask myself how it was possible that songs like these have not been released, only God Knows! Ok, I took my time and recorded long sound samples of both songs." 

Picture, Snippets and Review courtesy of Umberto Massimiliano Lampasona 

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