Thursday, December 1, 2016

Godd Boddies - Ill Vision - 1996

Godd Boddies is a Canadian crew composed of Knowledge Power and Igodevine from Scarborough, Eastern part of the city of Toronto (Ontario). The album "Ill Vision" came out in 1997 on Def Beat Records, and was produced by Godd Boddies and K-Cut (Main Source). The Label is also known for the releases of The Mic N Gz Crew in '92 -'93 & The Imperial One in 1997. Moreover the first time I've heard about the Godd Boddies was on The Imperial One's track "Too Much Stress".

2 versions of this album exist :
The original version is on  Def Beat Records with 19 tracks only available on CD format and the second version from Koch International released on CD & Tape in 1998 with 22 tracks.

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