Sunday, December 18, 2016

Mixtape : Ecks MDC - Street Cred 1 - 2016

Mixtape - 2016 - Viniloyalty 

"Fourth release by Ecks.MDC. Back with a new 90 minute mix of underground rap joints from the vaults of this colombian dj and vinyl collector. This is the first in a series of tapes that will mix an obscure selection of tracks mostly from the nineties era combined with an artwork with pictures of colombian graffiti writing and some exclusive images showing the 16-year street career of this artist."

Street Side 
A1 –Brothaz Bent - Catching Nods 
A2 –Original - Hey Mr. M.C. (Remix) Featuring Born Predators, Infinite 
A3 –Kinetic - Mom's Is The Ghetto 
A4 –M Slash - Why Try 
A5 –Street Relics - Combine For Wartime 
A6 –Deadwate - Stress 
A7 –Capital A - All Day 
A8 –Jam - Can No One Featuring Syquawn 
A9 –Mental Supreme - No Stress 
A10 –Backlive - 1000 MCs 
A11 –HitMan - Real Niggas 
A12 –Munk Wit Da Funk - Money (Debonair P Remix) 
A13 –Poepan - Fillet Of Soul 
A14 –Ruggedness Madddrama - Me And My Squad 

Cred Side 
B1 –Blaq Ceedz - Wasted Time 
B2 –The Doxxmen - Magnetic Attrack 
B3 –Lyrik Born Clique - Relentless (Remix) 
B4 –Fundamental - The Paradox 
B5 –Animosity - Get Touched 
B6 –Sic Sense - Onemantality 
B7 –Kapone - In The Mix Featuring Fangs 
B8 –Mass Kunfusion - State Your Name, State Your Game 
B9 –Hollywood - My Love 4 The Mica Phone 
B10 –Optical The Visionary - Home Grown With The Anna 
B11 –Jamani - Ya'll KNow My Stelo 
B12 –Da Great Deity Dah - Coining Phrases 
B13 –Kwite Def - Quality Of Life 
B14 –Rob - The Dream

80 copies only .... So Don't Sleep !

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