Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Carhartt WIP Radio November 2016 : Chopped Herring Records

"Hip hop, and you don't stop: this Carhartt WIP radio show brings you Chopped Herring Records, founded in 2001 in Manchester by collector, rare vinyl eBay merchant, and DJ Bob Lipitch aka Pro Celebrity Golf aka Chubby Grooves. Since the beginning his label releases limited edition hip hop vinyl - never released before recordings from back in the day and new music from today's artists - always dope and fresh. The „Three Sinister Syllables“ LP by the artists Pro Celebrity Golf and Jay Glaze from 2004 is probably the record, that put the UK label on the global hip hop map. Others artists from their big roster include old and current stars like Action Bronson, Masta Ace or Stetsasonic, as well as new names like Epidemic from South Florida, Timeless Truth from NYC or US duo OG Aborigines amongst many others. Many of them are included in our Carhartt WIP Chopped Herring Records radio Show that was mixed by Mr Sonny James & Matthew Law of the "Illvibe Collective" out of Philadelphia." carhartt-wip

Intro by Mr Sonny James & Matthew Law (of Illvibe Collective)
Von Love - "Brain Stormin'" produced by L.A. Kid [1988]
Bahamadia - "Funk Vibe" produced by Darrin Ross [1993]
ChillXWill - "911 feat. BriskInTheHouse" produced by Figub Brazlevic [2014]
Your Old Droog - "Free Turkey" produced by RTNC [2014]
Da Buze Bruvaz - "Dos Equis" produced by Jisah [2015]
Timeless Truth - "Wavelength" produced by Large Professor [2016]
Stetsasonic - "Check Da Styles" produced by Bobby Simmons [1994]
Zigg Zagg - "Touch Da Sun" produced Mighty Maestro [1994]
Acton Bronson - "Get Off My P. P." produced by Tommy Mas [2011]
Slipmat Brothers & Penpals - "Swift With The Rhyme" produced by Slipmat Brothers [2016]
Shadez of Brooklyn - "Everyday Livin'" produced by Da Beatminerz [1996]
Masta Ace - "Jack B Nimble (Original Version)" produced by Masta Ace [1992]
Phase n Rhythm - "The Force Of The Matrix" produced by Phase n Rhythm & Paul C [1987]
Action Bronson & Party Supplies - "9-24-11" produced by Party Supplies [2012]
Horror City - "Tattles Tale" produced by Prince Paul [1995]
Meyhem Lauren - Queens produced by J-Love [2010]
Doz Funky Baztardz - "Master Plan" produced by Ernst Dimanche [1995]
Shadez of Brooklyn - "Change" produced by Mr Walt [1996]
Natural Elements - "I Got Your Heart" produced by Charlemagne [1995]
Slipmat Brothers & Penpals - "STFU (Remix)" produced by Slipmat Brothers [2016]
Killa Kidz - "City of Panic" (Radio Version) produced by Prince A.D. [1997]
MC Gels - "Back 2 94" produced by Chief Rugged [2016]
Prodigy - "Catchin Bodies" produced by Kerwin Young [1993]
Masta Ace - "The Younger Generation" produced by Outloud [1992]
D-Stroy feat DJ Tony Touch - "Off The Wall" produced by D-Stroy [1994]
ChillXWill - "Nickel Plated" produced by Mister Izm [2014]
J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E. - "Fun" produced by J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E. [1992]
Meyhem Lauren - "Aggressive Metal" produced by Seth Silencer [2016]
Grizzly Gato - "Dedicated" produced by Grizzly Grimace [2016]

Check Bob Lipitch's Interview 

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