Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Tribe Called Quest in Soul Underground Magazine + The Found Tapes Vol. 3

From Soul Underground - May 1990 - Scan by Manphat courtesy of DWG Forum

01. Rhude Intro
02. Stretch & Bob B Sides ft ATCQ Freestyle Pt. 1 (Hot 97 tape rip)
03. Bonita Applebum (UK 12 Inch Mix)
04. Practice Session (demo)
05. She Fe MCs ft De La Soul (unreleased)
06. Lyrics To Go (Tumblin Dice Remix)
07. Oh My God (Know Naim Remix)
08. Oh My God (Master Mix)
09. It's Yours (unreleased)
10. Get It Up (Demo Phife House recordings)
11. The Remedy ft Common (unreleased)
12. Stretch & Bob B Sides ft ATCQ Freestyle Pt. 2
13. That Shit ft Jay Dee (unreleased)
14. Girls (Demo)
15. The Promo Pt. 2 ft The Jungle Brothers
16. Bound To Wreck Your Body (promo)
17. Mardi Gras At Midnight ft Rah Digga
18. 1nce Again (Jackin For Tribe Beats)
19. Check The Rhime (Mr Muhammad's Mix)
20. I C U (Doin It) ft Erykah Badu
21. Black Gold Of The Sun ft Nuyorican Soul
22. Artical (Phife verse)
23. Who Planned It ft Tiger

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