Monday, December 14, 2015

Lords of Rap - 4 Sides Of A Coin - 1993

Back in the 90s with Lords Of Rap , a South East London crew (Battersea) composed of 
MC Reu, Def G, Xtreme & GLK.
In 1993 came out their promo tape "4 Sides Of A Coin", made of 25 tracks of pure english Hip-Hop flavor, which could be considered as one of the best UK Hip-Hop album. Unfortunately the album has never seen the light of day officially. 

Props to Hakan Dougpark .  Where are you Bro ?


  1. There are any form to listen the whole album? Thanks in advance!

  2. No sorry mate , I wish we could but I don't have the tape , only the snippets are available ... maybe It will be officially released one day .

  3. I'm soooo impressed you guys have this! We probably gave out 10 of those cassettes in total and only to the inner circle! Maybe we will release the full album one day...

    Def G

    1. please bring that shit out ... I'm dying to get it

  4. thanks for keeping an eye on my blog Def G ! let me know if it could be release , I'm highly interesting ;)