Saturday, December 26, 2015

People Without Shoes ‎- Escape The Streets - 1996

EP - 1996 - Rage Records  

A2. Escape The Streets (radio) 
A3. Escape The Streets (Instrumental) 
A5. Ghettonetics (Instrumental) 
B2. 8 Feet Deep (Radio) 
B4. Mental Maze (Instrumental) 
B6. Little Shop Of Horrors (Instrumental)

 Original Pressing
Rare limited only 30 copies , White sleeve jacket with Autograph.

For more Info, contact Tempo Opmet 


  1. "only 30 copies" this is quite misleading..maybe he has "only" 30 copies in his posession, but there were surely more copies pressed.

  2. 30 copies for sale .... don't know where is the problem