Thursday, May 4, 2023

Vital Signs - Chapter 2 : NuGen

My last post about Vital Signs could make you think that this group stopped making good music after that... but here is another chapter to Vital Signs's story : George Slade a.k.a MC Law and Roland Taylor a.k.a MC Connoisseur formed a resurgent group called NuGen, a play on New Genesis as a symbol of their rebirth as artists. They took about a 2 year hiatus after their first DJ/Producer B-Ware decided to do other things. Afterwards, they connected with a producer named Juahar out of Scientific Labs Studios still in Baltimore, MD. There they recorded about 20-25 songs...

Roland Taylor : "NuGen started after a short break once it was realized that Vital Signs was done. We each went on to college after high school where we formed Vital Signs and recorded sporadically throughout our first few years. But life sometimes goes in different directions and our producer was no longer available. 

We were a family so it was hard to move forward but we found another local producer through some mutual acquaintances - Juahar from Scientific Sounds productions. Juahar was a friend through our mutual friends and knew about us and our music. So, getting together to start doing music together seemed like a natural fit. Juahar’s sound and ear for music was totally different than what we were used to. It was new, fresh, bold, innovative. Juahar was also a lyricist so I think that added a different nuance to how he made music. He’s worked with some really dope artists in Baltimore and collaborating with him and some of the others made it feel like we had a new family. 

We went on to record at least 20-25 songs with Juahar. Our sound, our lyrics, our cadence, our flow and technique had all grown. The beats were so dope!!!! We never put out any other music but that was before the industry changed to where it is today. Artists were still releasing tapes, CD’s and vinyl. So I’m saying myself. It wasn’t as easy as it is today. 

Ultimately, we graduated from college and the “real” world started. Jobs, families, etc. So, recording became dew and far between. The same was true for Juahar and he decided not to pursue music anymore. 

It was a great era!! This was probably from ‘94-‘98/‘99."

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