Monday, May 8, 2023

Charlie Smarts & DJ Ill Digitz - CHARLIETAPE - 2023


LP - 2023 - M.E.C.C.A. Records 

Charlie Smarts & DJ Ill Digitz from NYC drop their first collaborative album "CHARLIETAPE". The Guest list includes emcees like Skyzoo, J Scienide, Nolan & Kooley High’s Tab-One.

"Charlietape is the debut album between Charlie Smarts & DJ Ill Digitz. Based in NYC, Charlie & Digitz represent 2/5’s of NC Hip Hop Group Kooley High. As the only two members of Kooley High living in NYC, Charlie & Digitz decided it was time to join forces and create something unique that represented this NY-to-NC experience. With Charlietape, the Duo also wanted to break some of Hip Hop’s current conventions and blueprints. They have succeeded with this 19-track classic East Coast Indy Hip Hop offering. 

Charlie Smarts’ bar-driven raps are at their peak here; each track requires multiple play-backs to catch his multi-layered wordplay. Stripped down, yet confident and refined, Charlie Smarts subject matter reflects an MC finally coming into his own in the Big City. Adding another dimension to the project, DJ Ill Digitz has deftly crafted Charlietape together with vintage soundbites, scratches, shout outs, and other mixtape-esque sensibilities. Digitz is a true student of the game, and it is on full display. The end result is a full on immersive listening experience. Sit back and enjoy. Features production from the legendary 9th Wonder, Jansport J, and Grammy-winning producer Eric G. Guest MCs include Skyzoo, J Scienide, Nolan & Kooley High’s Tab-One" 

Available on Vinyl (100 copies) & Cassette (200 copies)

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