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Ill Breed Militia - What's An I-Eleven? / Live & Direct - 1994

12" - 1994 - Bottomless Pit Records  

This wax came out on Bottomless Pit Records in 1994. It was released by the group Ill Breed Militia from New Brighton (Nowborn), Staten Island, NY. Ill Breed Militia was comprised of three members named Gello Jones a.k.a I elven (iLL), Nes and Boogie.

Promo Photo courtesy of Gello Jones

Nes, Gello Jones and Boogie were from the same neighborhood. They knew each other since they were in Junior High School, and Gello Jones & Nes also went to the same High School. They kinda formed the group at Kool Kim's house from the UMC’s who was Nes's dude. Nes spent most his time with the UMC’s while Gello Jones spent most of his time with U- God & Meth trying to get as nice as they were in writing rhymes. 

For the info, Nes was also in a group called The Unforgiven with Kool Kim and a kat named J-Bone. There is nothing officially released by the group but some demos exist...

Nes - J-Bone & Kool Kim - Promo Photo courtesy of Kool Kim

Ill Breed Militia's 12" is composed of 2 songs entitled "What's An I-Eleven"(voice version, radio edit & instrumental) and "Live & Direct" ('94 raw version) produced by Big God and Babyface Fin for Terra-dome Productions.

I don't have any info about those producers... According to Gello Jones, they met them through one of their home boys. They met them at the studio a couple times and they also came to the video shoot (yes ... an official video exists !!!!) and kinda lost contact.

About "Bottomless Pit Records", it was managed by Nes, Gello, George Diaz and his partner Luis Yanes a.k.a Lou. This 12" is the only one released on this small independent record label, grab it if you can !

Mad Props to Gello Jones. 

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