Thursday, November 10, 2022

The Next Wavelength - Push Came To Shove - 1996


12" - 1996 - Blue Planet Recordings 

The Next Wavelength is a solo project released in December 1996 on Blue Planet Recordings by the famous London-based Emcee/DJ Mark Layman a.k.a M.C.M., member of the group Caveman in the early 90s. 

M.C.M. - Photo courtesy of Chris Headcount

The 12" consists of 2 songs entitled "Push Came To Shove" and "On The Spot" produced by M.C.M. for Prince Of Funk Productions. "Push Came To Shove" featuring M.C.M., T.K.O (True Knowledge Overseas) & The Verse, is available in its Full, Radio Edit, Instrumental and Luke Vibert Remix versions. "On The Spot" featuring T.K.O, The Verse and M.C.M. is available in its Full and Instrumental versions.

The wax is really cheap, so if you like UK Hip-Hop with jazzy flavor you should grab it asap.

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