Sunday, November 20, 2022

PHrame A Thought - New York State Of Mind - 1994

Here are some dope demos uploaded in 2014 on youtube by Sneak Tipp that I'd like to see coming out one day on vinyl ! The snippets come from a demo tape entitled "New York State of Mind" which was recorded by a Brooklyn-based group called PHrame A Thought (PHAT) in 1994. Those demos were the only tracks recorded by PHrame A Thought unfortunately at the time.

 I don't have any info about those kats from East New York. I've been in contact with Screwface who was one of the core member of the group but it seems that he isn't interested in talking about the story of the group. All I know is that in 2000, Screwface worked for the cover of Prodigy's first solo album "H.N.I.C.". Here is what he wrote about it :


  1. Funny enough! I was about to share a full track fro that tape in coming weeks! MH09 PZ