Monday, November 28, 2022

Funkin' Lessons Ep#11 : September 29, 1993


Funkin' Lessons was a hip-hop Radio Show hosted by DJ Blaze and Dr. Phibes, aired on 2MBS (102.5 FM) from 1993 to 1996 and based in Sydney, Australia. Here is the Show #11 from September 29, 1993. 

Maxi Jazz - Tasty But Feisty
Together Brothers - 2 Much Racism In The World
Tycoon To$h & Terminator Troops - Get Happy
The Coup - Dig It
EPMD - So Watcha Sayin'
Motion Man - '93 Swing
Big Daddy Kane Featuring Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes - Come On Down
Leaders Of The New School - What's Next (Remix)
Rumpletilskinz - Mushroom Talk
Son Of Noise - Crazy Mad Flow
Fonké Knomaads - Funkin' Lessons ID
America's Most Wanted - The Poet #1
Poor Righteous Teachers - 144K
Shazzy - Play In Vain
The Future Sound - What's A Bro To Do?
Top Quality - Magnum Opus
Private Investigators - Shy Country Girl
J Rock - Don't Sleep On Me (Remix)
Intelligent Hoodlum - Grand Groove Part II
The Beatnuts  - Third Of The Trio
Young MC  - Open Up The Door (And Let Me In)
The Troubleneck Brothers - Gusto
Fast Forward - Dark Dawn
Automator - Music To Be Murdered
Richie Rich - Don't Be Flash
Special K - Let's Rock (Cut Short)
Cut Master D.C. - We Came To Rock
Spoonie Gee And The Treacherous Three - The New Rap Language
Master O.C. And Krazy Eddie Featuring Peso, Tito And Main Attraction - Masters Of The Scratch
The Microphone Prince - Memory Lane
The Microphone Prince - Smooth Criminal
New Version Of Soul - 66 Mello
Urban Species - The Ropes (Tricks Of The Trade)

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