Thursday, January 27, 2022

DJ Yess & D Crime - Time for Action - 1991

12" - 1992 - Ruff Justice Records


Here is the second 12" entitled "Time for Action" released in 1992 on Ruff Justice Records by the Rap duo DJ Yess & D Crime. At the time, N. Champaneri a.k.a DJ Yess was 23 and D. Ricketts a.k.a D Crime was 22 and was studying sport at CollegeThey were both from Leicester City, UK and members of The Masterplan Crew which was founded in 1988 by the original members DJ Yess, DJ Tuff G, DJ Fader, Crusader, AK Dope, D Crime & Roxy D, some of Leicester's finest MC's, producers and DJ's of the time.

The Masterplan Crew - Photography courtesy of Uzi Parmar

The Wax consists of the tracks "Time For Action" (Remix & Remix Instrumental) and "One For The Funk" on the A-side, and "Time For Action" (LP Version), "Time For Action" (LP Version Instrumental) and "One For The Dub" on the B-side. All tracks are fully produced by DJ Yess and Rap performed by D Crime. 

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