Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Mista Meaner - A Thru Z - 1997


12" - 1997 - Sure Shot Recordings 

No need to say that it's very frustrating to be in contact with someone who was very hard to find and who is definitely not interested in sharing his story... this is the case for Mista Meaner... but I truly understand and respect that ... life goes on !! 

I remember buying this wax "Winners & Losers / A Thru Z" in 1997 at the time in a famous record store in Paris, France called "Street Sound". The store was managed by 2 twin brothers (Claude & Christophe) named "Les Jumeaux" (twins in french). Big Up !

This is the second 12" dropped by Mista Meaner from Brooklyn. It came out on the New York-based hip-hop label Sure Shot Recordings and contains 2 tracks : "Winners & Losers" produced by the legendary DJ Clark Kent on the A-side and "A Thru Z" produced by Ezo Brown on the B-side, who was also known at the time for his productions for the Trenton-based group Poor Righteous Teachers. "A Thru Z" is definitely the best single of the wax (B-side wins again!). Chris Landry who managed Sure Shot Recordings said in a Billboard article "Showing creative skill, he rhymes alphabetically on "A Thru Z" like a funky letterman over a skeletal terror break.This track is the reason why you should buy this 12" if you haven't owned it yet. 

I'm still thinking he'll change his mind one day... Maybe he could give us more info about this legendary demo "Saratoga Ave" recorded in 1997 with Dogface of Hillfiguz and played by Stretch & Bobbito on WKCR. And for those who live in New York City, maybe you'll be lucky to come across him in the Lower East Side where he works at night ! Peace

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