Wednesday, January 19, 2022

ActProof - Between Us And The World Ep1 : Amped Up - 2022

Sundown & Enigma from Raleigh, North Carolina are back after a long hiatus of 10 years with the 1st episode of their latest project entitled "Between Us And The World".

"Since 2007, the collaborative efforts of ActProof and longstanding producer AMP have been a staple when it comes to the Actproof sound. The chemistry between the two artists and producer are undeniable, having evolved organically over time with AMP and Enigma growing up as brothers alongside lifelong friend Sundown. That rich history has been the glue that has bonded the trio, and has been fortified out of a strong desire to make a living doing what they loved the most: creating music. The group's latest offering "Between Us And The World" is a three-part musical time capsule of never before released songs that were recorded during the group's hiatus with some of their favorite producers. Whether it was the ebbs and flows of life that has stood between the group and the world, or the need to just live one; Actproof is back; and has set out to share their life experiences with those who want to know.  Episode 1: Amped Up is a musical landscape of the lyrical stylings of Sundown and Enigma accompanied by the gritty "scratch based" beats from AMP that admirers have grown to know and love.- courtesy of ActProof

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