Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Under Achieva'z - Self Titled EP - 1996

K7 - 1996 - UnderAchieva'z Music  

In 1996, a 7-Track EP was released by the group named Under Achieva'z, consisting of Hoo'Kraze a.k.a Hook, Phantom Black & The Victorious 1 a.k.a Vxe the MC. They were from Washington DC, based between Northeast, Northwest and Riverdale MD. They all went to school together and formed the group in the late 94 early 95. A fourth member was also part of the group at that time when they released the EP, his name was 30 30 but he left the crew.

Their self-titled EP was only dropped on cassette. It came out on UnderAchieva'z Music, an indie record label managed by Sal Silver a.k.a Big Sal who originally came from Vauxhall, New Jersey. 

The Tape contains the tracks "It Seems Kinda Strange", "Smacktations", "D.C. Rocks", "Wear Ya Rubba'z", "Ya' Betta' Believe" Featuring Edley Shine, "The Newz Intro" & "The Newz", fully produced by Hoo'Kraze. It's definitely an EP we'd like to see coming out on vinyl nowadays... Listen to it ... 

After the release of the tape in 1996, they kept making music and producing other work. Vxe the MC end up connecting with QuestionMark Asylum along with acting. 

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