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Ill Mentality - Luvin' U4 Dayz - 1996

12" - 1996 - Phat Wax Records 

This 12" was released by the New Jersey-based emcee Ill Mentality in 1996 on Phat Wax Records. It came out on 12" and CD format at the time and consisted of the main single "Luvin' U4 Dayz" available in its Wiz Radio Mix, Original Mix and Wiz ILLstrumental versions produced by Nick Wiz on the A-Side, and QBC Radio Mix, QBC Remix and QBC ILLstrumental versions on the B-side produced by Nick Wiz except the QBC Remix produced by Prince AD.

In a recent interview I had with him, he quickly explained how the connection happened with Nick Wiz and Phat Wax Records and gave me more details about his story. 

Ill Mentality : "I fell into Hip-Hop because of another childhood friend who became famous, the rapper Kwame. He influenced me... then I later hooked up with the DJ from Red Dead Kingpin, his name is DJ Wild Style... he furthered me as well. I was working with him as well as Nick Wiz at the time.

Nick Wiz lived in a neighboring town Teaneck NJ, I am from Englewood NJ. We had a connection because a childhood friend went to school with him. Me and my friend were a rapping duo at the time called Mental Soul. Later me and my friend broke up but I continued to pester Nick to work with me. I was poor and he started charging for studio time but he gave me a pass for a long time and eventually I got a single deal with Phat Wax Records. That is when I met Prince AD and he did the remix but it wasn't my idea, the label got him to do the remix.

The connection with Phat Wax Records happened with the help of The Mad Stuntman (the guy featuring on the track "Move It" performed by Reel 2 Real for those who don't remember him)... he took me to his sister label... Phat Wax... He was on Strictly Rhythm at the time and Phat Wax Records was a division of Strictly Rhythm Records... I think Steve Rosenberg was the president at that time.

But I never got an album deal. I quit before anything could happen... I never liked the music biz !! I think Nick has my demos and stuff, he released stuff of mine on his Cellar Sounds compilations..."

Ill Mentality : "I stopped Music because I changed my pursuits. I worship God. I found myself writing rhymes and recording with non emcees for charity but not for the pursuit of money. Lifejr is my last rapping venture on soundcloud. I was in a homeless shelter and a producer came through so I recorded with some of the clients there... other than that I am not interested in rap anymore... I have been homeless off and on in Miami since 2003 and I stayed 5 years in this shelter... but it's cool.. it's peaceful... I chose to be homeless, it keeps me closer to God ! "

Mad Props to Ill Mentality, thanks for your time !

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