Saturday, September 11, 2021

SUGAR FREE BANANA SPLIT w/ The Captain Who Went To Lunch (10.09.21.)

Here is the episode #059 of SUGAR FREE BANANA SPLIT, which is a radio show hosted by The Captain Who Went To Lunch aired on RADIO.D59B based in Belgrade and Berlin, Europe.

1. Interlude by Yall So Stupid

2. Interlude #3 by 108

3. Carolina Skies by Loer Velocity

4. Non-Stoppin The Groove by The B.U.M.S.

5. Clear Blue Skies by Juggaknots

6. Street Serenade by IG Off & Hazardus

7. Definition Of A Dollar by Encore (108)

8. Transmitions by B3

9. Powers Of Nine Ether (Distorted Views Of Life) by Scienz Of Life

10. Nasty Scene by Dada

11. Great Day (Instrumental) by Madvillain

12. Great Day (Vocal) by Madvillain

13. Who I Am by Alphabet Soup

14. I Don’t Care (Don, Don, Don) by Godfather Don

15. Scrape Your Back by Mr. Complex

16. Wussdaplan by Cella Dwellas

17. Articulate With Math by The Nonce

18. Fat Fridays by First On Command

19. Harlots by K-Otix

20. Get On The Mic (Remix) by Pete Rock & Cl Smooth

21. Amazin by Omniscence

22. Correct Technique by Basement Chemists

23. Get Off My (Live Basement) by 5 Elementz

24. Man Vs Many (Instrumental) by Mic Geronimo

25. Man Vs Many (Vocal) by Mic Geronimo

26. Lidushopahorraz by Shabazz The Disciple

27. Analyze by Square One

28. Following Goals by Mathematik ft. Bahamadia

29. Build by Diverse

30. Semi Precious by Jigmastas

31. One Love (LG Main Mix) by Nas

32. Ill Love Part 2 by Thruth Enola

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