Saturday, February 6, 2016

Subcity Radio - Episode 020 ft People Without Shoes - 02/02/2016

"As the name implies, People Without Shoes aspired to create their own vibe by exploring unique styles in rhyming and production, at a time when generic hip-hop was beginning to saturate the market. Temp spoke with us about his own life as well as the groups' early influences, critically acclaimed albums and forthcoming projects. we've got some big announcements from him here regarding the forthcoming release of his classic "Thoughts Of An Optimist" album on 5420 Records later this year and an exclusive first play of PWS classic 2016 remix!"

Tracklist : 

People Without Shoes - Nappyhead Assassin 
Down To Erf - Learn to Earn 
 Paul Ray - More Emotion 
The Boulevard Connection - Sut Min Pik (Instrumental) 
H.D.M - Feelin' It 
MF Grimm - Do It For The Kids
People Without Shoes - Interview
People Without Shoes // Trax // Phadego // Bathtubbs  - 8ft Deep (2016 Remix) 
Cover The Child Of Destruction  - Underground Flow (Remix) 
Street Smartz - Don't Trust Anyone 
Recluse Crew - Perfect Imbalance
Essence Donn - Show Me The Way 

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