Monday, February 29, 2016

Grown Man Rap Show - Episode 61 - Class of 1986 Reunion

Hosted by veterans DJ Toast & Paul Nice and broadcast live every Sunday night 10pm-12 midnight (ET) from 91.5 WRPI (Albany NY), Toast & Paul bring you 2 hours of the best in vintage & contemporary true school Hip Hop.
This is Episode 61 - Class of 1986 Reunion - originally aired on February 28, 2016

Steady B “Bring That Beat Back”
(Paul Nice set)
Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew "Play This Only At Night"
The Terminators "Polo"
Roxanne Shante "The Def Fresh Crew"
Eric B & Rakim "Eric B Is President"
MC Shan "The Bridge"
Boogie Down Productions "South Bronx"
Beastie Boys "Hold It Now, Hit It"
Stetsasonic "Go Stetsa"
Joeski Love "Pee-Wee's Dance"
Spoonie Gee "Take It Off"
Original Concept "Can You Feel It"
Original Concept "Knowledge Me"
Biz Markie "Make the Music With Your Mouth, Biz"
Just-Ice "Latoya"
Just-Ice "Put That Record Back On"
Eric B & Rakim "My Melody"
Run-DMC "Perfection"
DJ Hollywood "Hollywood's World"
Divine Sounds "Do or Die Bed Sty"
Kool Moe Dee "Go See the Doctor"
Boogie Down Productions "Super Hoe"
Sweet Tee and Jazzy Joyce "It's My Beat"
Whodini "I'm A Ho"
The Real Roxanne "Bang Zoom!"
(DJ Toast set)
Ice-T “6 ‘N the Mornin’”
Just-Ice “Cold Getting’ Dumb II”
MC Shan “Cocaine”
Steady B “Get Physical”
Roxanne Shante f. Steady B “I’m Fly Shante”
Schoolly D “We Get Ill”
Whodini “One Love”
Beastie Boys “Paul Revere”
Steady B “Yo Mutha”
Super Kids “The Tragedy (Don’t Do It)”
Masters of Ceremony “Sexy”
Ultramagnetic MC’s “Bait”
Beastie Boys “She’s Crafty”
Whodini “Funky Beat”
Stetsasonic “4 Every My Beat”
Ultramagnetic MC’s “Ego Trippin’”
Run-DMC “You Be Illin’”
Salt-N-Pepa “Push It”
Run-DMC “It’s Tricky”
Heavy D “Mr. Big Stuff”
B Fats “Woppit”
Schoolly D “Saturday Night”
Salt-N-Pepa “I Desire”
Cutmaster D.C. “Brooklyn Rocks the Best”
The Real Roxanne “Howie’s Teed Off”
DJ Polo & Kool G Rap “It’s a Demo”

Grown Man Rap Show 

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