Saturday, February 20, 2016

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show - July 4th 1996 - WKCR

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show w/Dj Eclipse - July 4th 1996 - WKCR

Necro - 89.9 WKCR Promo
Sick Lyrical Damager - 89.9 WKCR Promo (ID by Jamo)
Company Flow - Population Control
 The Arsonists - Aeiou Demo
High & Mighty - Hands on Experience
Saukrates - Father Time Remix
Mr. Live - Relax Ya Self
O.C. & Poops - A Clear Day
Shadez of Brooklyn - Change
Hi Tech & J-Treds - Weak Minds
Adagio - The Obvious Joint
Godfather Don - Properties of Steel
Finsta Bundy - Feel the High
Sic Sense - Positional bypass
Mr Live - Supa Dupa
Derelect Camp - Hold On (ID by Jamo)
Thrust - Do You Understand? (Scam Remix)
Brothers of the Mind - Rough & Tough (Nitetyme Version)
Natural Resource - They Lied
Sway & Tech - '96 Wake Up Show Anthem
Siah & Yeshua DapoED - The Visualz
Juggaknots - Clear Blue Skies
Adagio - Ass & Benefits 
The Cenobites - Lex Lugor
Big-Rob / Lil-Sprout - Treason
Kool Moe Dee - Go See the Doctor
Percee P - Let the Homicides Begin
Dismasters - Small Time Hustler
Bobbito & Dj Eclipse
The Bizzie Boys - Droppin' It
Mc Shan - Beat Biter
Noel Rockwell & The Poet - Beat You Down
Cool C - Juice Crew Dis
Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - DJ Interview (ID by Irish Craig)
Tony Tee - Expressing My Thoughts (ID by Irish Craig)
Supreme Force - Handling Things
Castle D. - Yo Cas Play It
Seeborn & Puma ‎- They Call Me Puma (ID by Jamo)
Master Of Ceremony - Cracked Out 
Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth - Strictly For The Ladies 
YZ - In Control of Things
Lakim Shabazz - When a Wise Man Speaks
Main Source - Watch Roger Do His Thing
Powerule - Smooth
Ultramagnetic MCs - Ease Back
Deuces Wild - Five Times the Rhymer
Kev-E-Kev & Ak-B - Listen to the Man
Black Rock & Ron - Getting Large
M.C. Outloud - I'll Put A Hurten (ID by Jaz)
Skinny Boys - Jock Box
2 Much - Wild Thang 
 Krown Rulers- Kick the Ball
Busy Bee - Suicide
 Mikey D & the L.A. Posse - Go for It
Bobbito & Dj Eclipse
Terror Green - 45 Stitches Demo
Wordsworth, Punchline & Red Hot Lover Tone - Demo
The See'ers - Push Through Ya Crew Demo (ID by Jamo)
One In A Mill - Really Real  Demo (ID by Jamo)
Arsonists - The Session 
Get Open - Here & Now

Killflow The Pro - All Mc's With Skillz Demo (ID by Stieflkater)
UBAD - Life's Gettin' Rough Demo (ID by Jamo)
None - What U got (ID by Verge)
Siah & Yeshua DapoED - No Soles' Dopest Opus
Muddy Waters - Hoochie Coochie Man 
Phone Calls

Props to Dj Eclipse 


  1. The track after the R&Bish one is MC Outloud-"I Put A Hurten" and the track after that Smoothe Da Hustler beat one is Killflow The Pro - "All Mc's With Skillz"...which I think you got ID'ed previously fam?



  2. yes it was , but didn't update here . Thank you for the track ID Jaz ;)