Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Troopa Deal - Bazic Instincts - 1995


Troopa Deal (Bazic Instincts) 12"... here is another very hard to find wax which was released on Solid Entertainment Records in 1995. The 12" is composed of 7 tracks (3 songs, 2 remixes and 2 Intro/Interlude) entirely produced by Rob Strong and co-produced by Perry W. Mason a.k.a Troopa Deal and Keith Baldwin a.k.a Major Kool. 

The best track of the record is definitely "On Tha Lookout" featuring Troopa Deal, Scootlover and Major Kool. I don't know exactly where the Harp sample used for the instrumental comes from, but it reminds me of Dorothy Ashby's song "The Windmills Of Your Mind", released in 1969.

All the tracks of the 12" were recorded in a studio from Tampa Florida. At the beginning, I didn't understand how the connection between New York and Florida happened but after a talk with Scootlover, it was clearly due to the fact that the emcees were from New York living in Florida because of their studies. Scootlover and Major Kool were also part of the House of Hip-Hop radio show crew with the legendary DJ Sandman who worked at the University of South Florida's radio station, WBUL at that time. That's all I know... No info about Troopa Deal unfortunately... but I'm still on the lookout!

Scootlover & Major Kool - Photo courtesy of DJ Sandman

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