Monday, November 20, 2023

Psychoward - - 1997

There are a lot of albums that I'd like to see coming out on vinyl nowadays but this one is clearly in my top 10. Entitled "", it was released on CD & Cassette on April 14, 1997 on D.E.O. Recordings (Dust 'EM Off Recordings) by the group Psychoward from Louisiana. An album with a real East Coast hip-hop sound, far away from Bounce, Trap and all the Southern Hip-Hop clichés. Usually I 'm not a huge fan of groups which come from that area... but to be honest this album is definitely a must have.

Psychoward was a group from New Orleans comprised of 28 members ... MCs, DJs and Producers. From what I know, Psychoward was the merger of several groups like Dereliks, Natural Flavors (Raj Smoove, Blaknificent a.k.a Blac-Nif, Cutlass and Da' Toppa) or Mac & Storm (Mac, Storm and DJ Wop (RIP)). The crew was originally founded around 1993-1994 by Chill (of Dereliks) and Mac (of Mac & Storm) with 13 original members.

The members of the crew featuring on this 14-track album are E.F Cuttin, B-Style, Blaknificent, Raj Smoove, Coola the Sniper, Stress, One-Eye-Willie, MAC, King Solemn-One, Chill, Brainstorm (RIP), Karamello, Paul-J, Black Plague, Kool Breeze, Toppa, & ?Anon?. 
All the productions are handled by The Tribunal, a collective of producers consisting of Blaknificent, Raj Smoove and E.F Cuttin.

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