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Suburban Influence / Off Limits - Suburban I Ent Project 1 - 1998

12" - 1998 - Suburban Influence Ent. 

Here is the first and only 12" released by this small record label named Suburban Influence Ent. (Big thanks to my man Ill Mind for the 12" pics). This 12" was dropped in 1998 and it contains 2 songs on the A-side entitled "It's Suburban I" performed by Suburban Influence and "Rep It (To The Fullest)" performed by Off Limits, with both instrumentals on the B-side. Around 2000 copies were pressed at the time.

No info about those artists on the internet so let me bring you some... Suburban Influence was comprised of Double 0 & Buddie and Off Limits was a sub group consisting of Bandit and his cousin Fatigue Romello. They all grew up together in New York living in Freeport, Long Island. 

Buddie, Double 0 & Fatigue ROMELLO - Photo courtesy of Double 0

- Double 0, when did you form the crew exactly ?

Double 0 :We started doing music around 1986, we were doing music in Buddies basement at 90 Grand Ave. That was the head quarters. We all contributed to equipment and records that was sampled. Back then I went by 00, Double 0 or 007. "

- Why did you choose this moniker ?

Double 0 : " I was always incognito, one minute we all out together, you look around and I’m gone... lol. "

- Did Buddie manage all the productions at the time ?

Double 0 : " Yes Buddie did all our production at the time. I was the emcee and also had the vision for the business of music. "

- Can I consider that you handled Suburban Influence Ent. ?

Double 0 : " Yes that was my first company. I started to manage Buddie, Off Limits, Boogie and a few other rappers as well as still being an emcee. "

- Why is there nothing else released by Suburban I or Off Limits after that 12" in 1998 ?

Double 0 : " Same story as most groups.. most artists didn’t understand the business of music and it created turmoil within the group. We had a few record deals on the table but didn’t take them because they wanted to break up Off Limits. We were young... "

- Did you record more material at that time, which is still unreleased ?

Double 0 :Yes we had tons of songs and mix tapes at that time, but most of the files have been lost unfortunately... "

Don't hesitate to add this wax to your record collection if you're enough lucky to find one copy for sale... For the story, Terence "Double 0" Hover who is now known under the name of Craxximoved to Atlanta,GA in 2000. He has a tech shop in midtown now called TechGenius and wrote a book called Money Matters Made EasyCarlos "Buddie" Barros (now known as B.U.D. Productions) and Anthony "Fatigue Romello" Wilmore still do music under DA Work Ent on Instagram and YouTube. Dwayne "Bandit" Lettman is now known under the name of Bandino and he's still in the game too.

Mad props to Terence Hover, thanks for your time. 

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