Friday, April 24, 2020

Lyrical Terrorists - Payback - 1995

Lyrical Terrorists was a group from Nicetown, a neighborhood that borders North Philadelphia. The group was formed in the early 90s, and in 1995 the crew consisted of DRK aka drkmn aka Dark Man X, Zammy, Rizz aka Riz Ruckus and Spade-O who was the last member to enter the group.

Zammy / Rizz / Riq / DRK & Spade-O - Photo courtesy of Riz Ruckus

12" - 1995 - Cornerboy Prod 

A physical copy of their debut 12" is really hard to find nowadays... the wax came out in 1995 on Cornerboy Prod and both tracks "Payback" and "Don't Worry" were produced by Melvin "Ruggedness" Carter (of Ruggedness Madd Drama)

I would have liked to give you more info about the Lyrical Terrorists... I was in contact with DRK and he was down to answer all my questions but it seems he changed his mind and decided not to do it ...

Here are some pics of the crew published in the Philly Street Buzz Magazine (May 1993) and shot at the Rap Underground North Hip-Hop Showcase. 

Big Up to Kenny White !
Props to Digital Stimulation for the tracks. 

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