Thursday, April 30, 2020

Bonafide - Entering The Combat Zone EP - 1995

12" - 1995 - Drop Dead Records Inc.  

Bonafide was a duo from Hyde Park section of Boston, consisted of The Illman Shamrock and White Gold. In 1995 , they dropped their 7-Track "Entering The Combat Zone" EP on Drop Dead Records Inc. All the tracks were produced by The Illman Shamrock and Co-produced by White Gold. 

 It was their first and last release... No more info about these artists ...except maybe that my man Brendan Gage-One Burke told me that one day DJ Premier posted a pic of himself & Guru in Boston 1980’s with another rapper named MC White Gold ...but we don't know if it’s him though ...

If you've got any info about Bonafide, please leave a comment !

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