Saturday, April 14, 2018

Crimedanch Cartel :

Crimedanch Cartel was a crew composed of S.I.D, Sidewalk Syris, Isreal, Sugarman, Taliek, Shooky, Blast, Wink, Earl and Dakeem. All the members were part of different groups : Shooky and Blast were Untap, Taliek and Dakeem were Bad Seeds, Wink and Earl were FNF, S.I.D and Sidewalk Syris were Armed and Dangerous. They were all Childhood friends from Wyandanch (Strong Island 11798), NY.  Sid 'S.I.D' Reynolds was already making music and he decided to put the group Crimedanch Cartel together... a bunch of friends from the same town !

In 1996, they dropped their first 12" single on K.B.S.F Entertainment, a record label affiliated to the group and managed by Midi, Skitzo, Finney, Dee Wee and Daddy O
Originally K.B.S.F stands for "Kerrick.B-tonn.Simp.Finney", it changed to "Kept Between Strong Family". 

12" - 1996 - K.B.S.F Ent. 

The 12" features the legendary emcee Rakim and is composed of three tracks "Ruggedis Style", "Realism (Rugged version)" and "All My Friends", all tracks produced by S.I.D. 
S.I.D : "Crimedanch Cartel started when I was working on Rakim's solo album on MCA, one of the records from that I took and made the 'Realism' track
To understand the connection with Rakim who is also from their hometown, you need to get back in the early 90s when S.I.D was the half member of the group Sid & B-Tonn. B-Tonn was Rakim's brother-in-law. Rakim introduced them to Lyor Cohen's up at Def Jam and they were eventually signed. 

In 1997 the cartel was back with a new 12" released on a white label. "Realism" is on the A-side in its street version and a new song called  "Money is the Key" featuring LL Cool J on the flip side. The instrumental contains a sample of  "No deposit No Return" performed by Roy Ayers and Wayne Henderson. 

12" - 1997 - Not On Label 

Here are the info about the tracks written on the cover sticker : 
"The year is ’97 and there is a slew of new budding talent emerging in New York. Crimedanch Cartel steps on the scene and gives you a preview of the skills they posses. Produced by S.I.D (producer of Queen Latifah’s 'unity' , Apache, Pudgee the Phat Bastard and Rakim just to name of few). Both tracks are pure underground New York Hip-Hop. 'Realizm' features the legendary Rakim doing the hook, the track is sparse, just a phat drum track and piano stabs to keep heads noddin’. 'Money is The Key' features the superstar LL Cool J who drops the first verse on this one. The Track features a melodic piano loop and has more of an R&B appeal. This 12" shouldn’t be missed !!!  Key your ears open for the new talents that will be making noise this year. Another Soul Fortified Exclusive

The group stopped after that ... Everyone kind of fell back from recording and went on to do other things, some of them were locked up...

Photo courtesy of Daddy O 

Mad Props to Sid 'S.I.D' Reynolds, Daddy O and Jaz !.


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  2. I've been following your blog for a while and I want to thank you a lot for the stories behind what I call shooting stars indie rap groups. I remember in 2002 to 2007 when I was building my catalog vinyl and MP3s, there was zero information about these groups. Your blog is the first one with infor about Camouflage large clique, CrimeDanch, Slomo and others. Mad props. Keep up the great work!

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