Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Bro-N X - Who You Be? - 1994

12" - 1994 - Raw-Azz Records 

Bro-N X was a Bronx based duo composed of Tek Nitti and Black Demon. In 1994, they released their first and only 12-Inches on Raw-Azz Records, a record label directed by K-Rob. 

Tek Nitti : "Bro-N X was myself and Black Demon. We went to the same school but were in different group homes... having similar lives is what linked us up.
I'm from 180th street and Hughes ave, where we shot the video of 'Who you Be?'. Black Demon is from the other side of Crotona Park, the Boston rd side but he's basically from my block cause that's where headquarters of the Bro was. He ended up moving Hughes ave. Then we had The Bro a.k.a B.X.C Clique with cats like Lo Meazure, Smob (RIP) , Hollow Point, Kurt Mastas, D mac 11, Shotgun and Vito. All of them except for Shotgun were from the Bronx. Shotgun was the only member from Brooklyn. He's the guy with no shirt on acting out with the flares and machete in the video."

The main single of the 12" was 'Who You Be?', available in its original version, remix version and instrumental version. The different samples used for this track are a sample of 'Three Hoods' performed by Monk Higgins and released on the Original Movie Soundtrack of 'Sheba, Baby' in 1975, and a sample of 'It's a new Day' performed by the Skull Snaps and released in 1973. The other track of the 12" is a song called 'Ain't Nuffin Sweet'. Both tracks were produced by the well-known K-Rob, who teamed up with Rammellzee and DJ Cheese in the 80s for those who don't know him.

Tek Nitti : "K-Rob... I met him thru a friend of mines. He was looking to start a label and my lil man told him about me and made the link. We have some unheard stuff, but things went crazy with the label and management... so they were never released ..."

Black Demon : "The management we were under took advantage of our lack of knowledge at the time and gave us a bad record deal that forced us to part ways. We continued to make music, but then I felled victim to the street life and ended up doing 11 years in prison for Arm Robbery in the 1st degree."

This is the only physical release from Bro-N X you can find. The wax is not really hard to find and is still available online for a good price. You also need to know that these artists are still in the game nowadays, Tek Nitti is the CEO of K.I.L.LStreet Music and Black Demon is now known under the name of BeenOfficial 

Mad Props to Tek Nitti, Black Demon and Troy Black 

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  1. Haven't heard the track for years, just started to find some info about it and found your blog. Great work!